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Italian Heritage

The many shoes that Enrica Lossi has in its line up are of Italian origin. They are designed, made and manufactured in Italy. Italian designers have been at the helm of setting the stage for fashion for many years and Enrica Lossi intends to provide such style to its privileged online shoppers. The brands that are available through Enrica Lossi are rich with history and Italian culture and it is our mission to continue to provide access to such highly admired brands.

  • Italian Style

    The many shoe brands we carry are of Italian style and origin

  • Elegant Design

    The different Italian brands in our line up are made with exquisite design

  • Traditionally Made

    The various Italian brands found on our site are made in traditional factories

Capturing the Feel of Italian Design

Italy is known for many things. From its food to its high luxury sports cars and most importantly for its fashion. These all have one thing in common and that is design. Through design one is captivated and motivated with passion and the designer shoe brands from Italy share these qualities.

«The shoes you wear say a lot about your personality. Make a bold statement through contemporary Italian footwear and stay true to yourself.»
«The Italian shoe brands available through Enrica Lossi provide a defining touch that exemplify a polished look and feel.»

Be Inspired by the Shoes You Wear

Wearing a pair of Italian hand made designer shoes is an experience that all should share. Not only does the fresh and distinguished scent of the leather inspire your senses but so does the sophisticated design make you want to go and be all you can be.